“Since my daughter has been training with Keith and Marvin for the past couple of years, her track skills have made her a competitive athlete.  She is more focused on her training, health and school.” – Elaine

“Keith is more than a coach.  He guides and directs young adults in track and life.  He encourages positive attitude and strengthens relationships through a pair of shoes.” – Helen

“When our daughter joined the Centennial Track Club to train year-round, we received much more than just excellent coaching.  The influence of Keith and Marvin in our daughter’s life has not only improved her skills as a runner, it has improved her as a person.  The detail and care with which they mentor their athletes goes far beyond the race track.” – Todd and Wendy

“Keith has helped our daughter and others grow by teaching them the best in terms of both personal and athletic values.” – Sandy Clough, Denver Radio Sportscaster